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The House of God Which is the Church of the Living God, Deerfield Beach, Florida

 In the late 1950’s, the late Bishop James M. Earley& Mother Earley traveled to Deerfield Beach, Florida to evangelize this area by setting up a tent to have a revival meeting.  Bishop Early called one his officers, the late Bishop A.R. Holmes to Deerfield to support him during this tent revival. During the course of the revival, Bishop Earley purchased the land on which the tent was set up at 249 SW 7th Court. After the revival was over the tent was left up and regular services continued for weeks.  Eventually the tent was taken down due to vandalism. The saints who attended had no permanent place to worship so they attend service at another House of God (WITCOTLG) location.

It was in the mid 1960’s that Bishop Frank Green Sr. who was an Elder at that time, was lead by Holy Spirit to Deerfield Beach to start a ministry in the American Legion Hall under the House of God (WITCOTLG)banner.  Elder Green contacted Bishop A.R. Holmes, and the members who lived in the Deerfield area to inform them of the ministry he started.  After a successful campaign to reorganize the saints, Elder Green and members started a building drive to build their first sanctuary at 249 SW 7th Court. In 1964 Bishop Holmes was appointed pastor at the Deerfield Beach location and the first sanctuary was built.  He pastor there until his death in 1985.  Bishop Green Sr. was appointed Pastor by Bishop Earley. After an increase of membership, Bishop Green Sr. and the members decided it was time to build a larger edifice, and in 1986 a new sanctuary was built next to the first one.

Presiding Bishop Frank Green Sr. was the pastor of the church in Deerfield Beach, Florida for 23 years until October 11, 2009. It was at this time during our General Annual Assembly when the Presiding Bishop of the House of God (WITCOTLG) Inc. appointed Bishop Frank Green Jr. as Pastor at the Deerfield Beach location. Since Pastor Green Jr. Arrived he has implemented other ministries for the continued development of the church, and community outreach programs. He gave the church a motto“Striving for excellence in all things”. We have now renovated and increase the size of the old fellowship hall to be our new multipurpose center.
Bishop James M. Earley
Bishop Frank Green Sr.